Get Rid of Heel Pain Without Medication or Surgery

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Heel pain is a common foot problem in our Hillsborough podiatry office . There are many reasons you might feel pain in your feet. The pain most commonly stems from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and achilles tendonitis. The pain can be at it’s worst on the morning, after activities or after sitting for prolonged periods.

Many people begin to feel pain in the spring in summer months. Once the weather warms up, people begin to get outside and get active. New activities or increased activities can contribute to heel pain. Beginning a new sport, exercise routine or even a job that is more active can lead to heel pain.

Treatment for Heel Pain

There are many different treatment options for heel pain . Your doctor will diagnose the problem through tests to determine the best treatment. Our office uses digital x-rays and ultrasound to better evaluate the pain. We also watch your gait to see how you’re walking, balance tests and touch tests to narrow the pain and determine possible causes for the heel pain.

Your treatment plan will be based off of a lot of factors. We want to know your lifestyle and goals- do you have small children, do you need to get back to work as fast as possible? We want to make sure your treatment plan is based off of how you live so it can actually work. Are you a runner who is determined to jeep running? Your treatment plan may be different than a teacher with a summer off to plan for possible surgery.

How Does Laser Therapy Work?

MLS laser therapy is a great treatment option for heel pain for anyone who doesn’t want to take addictive-forming pills or deal with an invasive surgery. The laser works by sending wavelengths into the body at the site of pain, injury or inflammation. The laser increases oxygen and bloodflow which are two major factors for healing. The laser acts by forcing the body to begin healing naturally.

The laser is a great treatment option for heel because there no risks and side effects. The laser is painless and effective. We use the laser in our office to treat heel pain, plantar fasciitis, achilles tendonitis, heel spurs and all other pain. The laser is so effective, we use the laser in our recovery plan for our patients after surgery.

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