The 8 Most Comfortable Flip Flops

Whether you wear them on adventures, or just throw them on while walking around the house, most people can agree that finding the most comfortable flip flops can be life-changing. That said, since there are thousands of options to choose from, pinpointing the perfect sandal for your needs can be a bit of a daunting task. For that reason, there are a few things you should look for when shopping around for a new pair.

When choosing flip flops that are actually comfortable , it may be beneficial to pay close attention to the footbed’s composition. Foam, neoprene, and even soft PU materials will likely to give you optimal, form-fitting cushioning with each and every step . Another important factor is the comfort level of the thong piece, which goes in between your toes. It should be just the right fit (not too thin or too thick), so that it doesn’t cut into your skin or spread your toes too wide.

Lastly, support should also be a crucial consideration . Although it’s not a common feature among flip flops, finding something with arch support or extra cushioning in the heel area will definitely be a game-changer for those who may suffer from foot pain — or for those who choose to wear their flip-flops on errands, hikes, and trips.

While taking all these factors into consideration, I’ve compiled the eight best options for various styles, budgets, and needs. 1. The Best Comfortable Flip Flops, According To 9,000+ Amazon Reviewers

Clarks Breeze Sea flip flops have scored a 4.8-star rating (out of five stars) and more than 9,000 reviews, which makes them hard to ignore. Not only does the soft EVA footbed make them a great choice for people who suffer from heel pain and plantar fasciitis, but their adjustable fit allows you to customize the thong to suit your desired tightness level. Both lightweight and supportive, they are hands down one of the most comfortable flip flops you can purchase. They’re even available in over 20 different colors. Available Sizes: 5 — 12

2. Runner Up: These Flip Flops With Soft, Stretchy Straps

For those who wear their flip flops from dawn to dusk, these are the best flip flops for walking, standing, and generally wearing all day long. The stretchy jersey material and yoga foam sole make the Skechers Meditation Studio Kicks an extremely comfortable pick long term wear, especially for those who are prone to chafing and blisters. The shoe’s interwoven sliding strap and ankle sling allow for customizable support and comfort throughout your daily tasks. You can get this shoe in nearly two dozen colors and patterns. Available Sizes: 5 — 12

3. Comfortable, Classic Flip Flops At A Great Value

Even though they cost roughly half as much as similar pairs, the yoga mat material inside the Riverberry flip flop makes for an extremely comfortable footbed — while its padded strap makes it easy to put on and take off. The shoe is, in fact, so comfy that fans on Amazon have referred to them as "the best flip flops [they’ve] ever had" and say that wearing them is like "walking on a cloud." When combined with the high-quality construction and durability, this pair earns the title of best value. Available Sizes: 5 — 11

4. The Best Flip Flops With Arch Support

The Reef Dreams flip flop’s anatomical arch support and quilted PU foam footbed give it a soft, conforming fit that may be of particular interest to someone who has flat feet or fallen arches. On top of its supportive qualities, the shoe also offers a faux-leather strap and padded satin between the toes — a feature that not only looks good, but also reduces pain and tension in crucial spots. Get this pair in your choice of black or brown. Available Sizes: 5 — 11


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